Forklift Training in Brampton, Mississauga And Toronto

New Operator Training/Certification

Deal for someone who wants to enter the work force as a forklift operator, Canadian Forklift Training’s entry-level course combines in-class theory supported by video presentations and practical training in a warehouse setting on an actual forklift truck. Topics and procedures covered in this course include:

  • Fundamentals of powered lift trucks: components, factors affecting stability, load centers, rules and regulations
  • General operating procedures: circle check, startup, shutdown, forward/reverse on level ground, parking; safe operating around other people
  • Load handling: selection of loads, load pickup and placement, load stability and integrity, loading and off-loading of trailers
  • Operational maintenance: re-fuelling and battery recharging
  • Workplace safety: identifying potential hazards, environmental conditions affecting lift truck performance
  • A separate training on handling propane can be included in this course upon request
Refresher Course / Operator Re-certification

According to the Ontario government regulations, trained forklift operators are required to complete re-certification every 2-3 years to maintain their qualification with mid-term evaluation after 18 months since the original certification. Re-training is also required in the event of the following:

  • Accident / near accident
  • An observation is made where the forklift is used in an unsafe way
  • An assessment indicates that extra training is required
  • Changes in the workplace presenting new hazards
  • Operators are upgraded to newer or different models/types
  • After passing of three years since the initial certification
Practical Training

This course is limited in size to ensure students get optimum exposure to these elements and covers practical training on our sit-down counterbalanced lift truck. Students must have successfully completed the theory course prior to enrolling in this program.

  • Circle Checkup [Pre Trip Inspection]
  • Counter Balance
  • Reach (Narrow Aisle)
  • Cherry Picker
  • Pallet Truck [Walkie] and Scissor lift.
  • We provide training with a DVD Video demo Safety Training Classroom Presentation.

Areas, where we give these services, are:

  • Forklift Training Mississauga.
  • Forklift Training Brampton.
  • Forklift Training Toronto.

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