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Forklift with Moffett Training & Certification in Acton, ON

Counter balance

A counterbalance truck has two forks on the front that allow you to approach and lift and move your luggage. This name comes from the counterweight at the rear of the vehicle. This is to compensate for the heavy load lifted at the front. Counterbalance trucks are versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They ride best on flat, smooth surfaces and have a large radius of gyration and should be used in larger areas. Counterbalance trucks are available on both three and four wheels and can be powered by gasoline, diesel or electricity. They are very powerful and convenient lift trucks in different environments, lifting a variety of heavy loads.
forklift with moffett counter balance
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forklift with moffett Reach fork lift

Reach Forklift

A reach forklift is used to pick up loads that are high up in racking or storage. In a variety of ways, they perform different functions than a counterbalance forklift. Reach forklifts are best used inside, in places like warehouses. They are extremely manoeuvrable, making them ideal for navigating between narrow aisles. They can reach loads that sit up high and can extend beyond the range of their stabilising legs. It is the combination of these stabilising legs and the battery that remove the requirement for a bulky counterweight to maintain the truck`s equilibrium. A reach truck comes with a variety of capabilities to aid you in your work. To aid in loading, certain reach trucks have a tilt mechanism in the cab. Others have an open above guard to improve the view of the driver. Furthermore, reach forklifts can be equipped with a camera that displays on a video screen what is happening above the driver’s head. The undercarriage of reach trucks is also known for its low ground clearance. As a result, it’s a good idea to wait until your truck is operational before making a purchase. Uneven surfaces should be avoided since they can compromise the reach track’s stability and longevity. There are several varieties of forklifts in addition to these two categories. It’s critical to invest the time to investigate and comprehend the type that’ll operate ideal for you.

Combi Forklift

With its versatile design, Combilift’s multidirectional range gives you the benefits of a side loader, counterbalanced forklift and very narrow aisle (VNA) truck in one vehicle, for a complete solution with diesel, electric, or lpg engines. Key Features Multidirectional forklifts FROM Combilift can be customised according to your application and preferred fuel type like- diesel, LPG or electric. As the Combilift has ability to work both inside and outside, so it has reduced the need for multiple trucks to greater extent. This leads to optimised fleet size, increased storage space, enhanced safety and improved overall efficiency.

Our professional Train the Trainer certification course for Order Picker/Cherry Picker allow our clients to learn how to teach OHSA based courses directly to their employees. When individuals or groups of employees need safety training, these train the trainer programs can be more cost effective than hiring outside training companies. We will train you to be an effective Order Picker safety trainer for your company.

Our Train the Trainer Course Package include:

forklift with moffett Combi Fork lift
Walkie pallet

Walkie Pallet

The Walkie & Walkie Rider Low Lift safety course from CN Lift Safety Forklift Training is an OHSA-based program that teaches pre-operation machine inspection, safe operation requirements, proper load handling, operating and moving the machine and hazard avoidance. Training is offered around Southern Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton. We also offer Train the Trainer courses for Walkie/Walkie Rider.

Walkie & Walkie Rider Low Lift Course
This course is designed using parameters set out by:

Double Walkie Pallet

In high density, stock-to-stock applications, the Pallet stacker combines the capability of a heavy-duty stacker with the flexibility of a pallet forklift. It has capability to transport two 1000 kg pallets.
This TDG safety course explains the current Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act and Regulations (6.1 & 6.2), the related classifications and identifications, proper markings and labeling, necessary documentation and shipping details, segregation and compatibility groups, exceptions and exemptions and overall general safety. This course is designed for individuals involved in the transportation, shipping and receiving of dangerous goods in Canada. Training is offered around Southern Ontario including Toronto, Mississauga and Brampton.

Our Train the Trainer Course Package include:

Double walkie pallet
Dock Stocker

Dock Stocker (Standing Counterbalance)

The dock stocker is a type of stand-up electric counterbalance truck suitable for quick unloading of trailers and loading of pallets to the stage where sit-down counterbalanced forklifts can place them onto racks or transport them. The dockstocker EDS3540ACX offers a compact, operable design that combines an efficient AC motor with an ergonomic cab to maximize performance in tight spaces on docks, trailers and narrow aisles. Efficient AC output-Equipped with a three-phase AC motor, a 36V industrial battery, and a regenerative braking system, it makes charging intervals longer and more productive. Ease of Use-Fully programmable Curtis AC controller, electric power steering, and stepless cruise control for a smooth, accurate and customizable experience.