A skilled workforce is valuable. A lot of investment goes into turning apprentices into fully trained forklift operators. But when it comes to workplace safety, is Forklift operator Training more than enough?

If it comes from an institute like CN Lift Safety that has been adopting a holistic approach while imparting Forklift training in Toronto. It’s imperative to train operators to be prepared for the unexpected. Unforeseen challenges are the toughest to handle and that’s where forklift training matters.

Take capacity data plates for an instance. There are chances the capacity data plates are incorrect according to the forklift model in use currently. This happens when forklifts are upgraded but capacity data plates are not changed. So, the operator isn’t aware of the new or modified capacity ratings of lift trucks. This gives a false sense of security that a forklift will definitely handle a certain amount of weight whereas, in actuality, its capacity has been lowered. This jeopardizes the safety of the operator and co-workers.

Forklift designs also differ according to manufacturers and the nature of work. Forklifts might be required to work on rough terrains. So the mast doesn’t need to be vertical to the ground. So every manufacturer makes one or the other modification and a built-in safety factor that helps rate the capacity of a lift truck. This is separate for each manufacturer.

Moreover, not all forklifts are equipped with a forklift scale that accurately depicts the weight of the load. There’s no denying that it should be a standard feature but it’s not. And operators have to more or less deal with it. Then there are the safe speed limits which also vary according to forklift designs. Some may operate safely at a speed much less than the prescribed speed limit and are susceptible to go out of control.

There is a need to introduce advanced safety features in modern forklifts. Automatic deceleration on crossing the prescribed speed limit shut down of lifting mechanism in case of heavyweights, and automatic lifting height adjustment according to weight is some of the welcome features.

But it’ll take some time for manufacturers to include these features in their forklift designs. Till then, alertness and caution are the only defense mechanisms an operator can rely upon. And these attributes are honed to perfection in the Forklift Training Program by CN Lift Safety, Mississauga. Sign up for our courses now for seats are limited.

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