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WHMIS stands for Workplace Hazardous Material Information System, and is the collaborative effort of federal, provincial and territorial governments as well as industry to regulate a uniform hazard communication system across Canada. WHMIS saw its birth with the Hazardous Products Act, which established the standard for a national chemical and hazard communication system. For More information on WHMIS you can visit Health Canada’s Website, which contains extensive information regarding Hazardous Materials and Controlled Products as per the government legislation.
WHMIS Training is a two fold process, and we provide all of the tools necessary to deliver a holistic Training Program. A WHMIS Training program, as defined by Health Canada is composed of two things: general knowledge training, and site-specific training. Our WHMIS course is the majority of the training process and encompasses the general knowledge of symbols, classification, MSDS sheets, and all other pertinent information required by legislation. All of our WHMIS training products contain the GHS supplemental information.

What needs to be included in a WHMIS training program?

WHMIS training must include both general and site-specific training. General training covers such things as the regulations, labels, MSDSs, controlled products, symbols etc. YOW’s WHMIS Online Course is a general course.
Site-specific training covers things like how to work safely with the controlled products used in YOUR workplace, where you keep the personal protective equipment and MSDSs and training for specific work procedures.

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