If you are thinking about starting a career as a forklift operator, you will need to pass your forklift training. Although not a requirement, many reputable warehouses will not employ you if you don’t have one. Even if they do employ you, you will most probably be trained for this course before you get a chance to sit behind the wheel of a forklift. If you want to understand more about forklift training and why it is so important, read on to find all about it:
Forklifts are heavy pieces of machinery, whose purpose is to lift and carry hefty loads. If there is an accident involving a forklift, the amount of damage will be huge and be a financial setback to the company. In worst cases, it may be possible that someone will be seriously injured. Forklift training is the foundation of fundamental material handling applications. Without proper forklift training, the chances of accidents and injuries will be at enormous levels. Think of it like this, You would not drive a car without proper training, the same applies to a forklift.

Forklift training requirement:

This depends solely on the knowledge and skills you have acquired prior to this course. The majority of forklift courses focus either on beginners or seasoned operators who need a refresher.

For beginners or new operators- The course covers everything you need to know about a forklift, from practical operational skills to health and safety. At CN Lift Safety, topics covered include:
• Fundamentals of powered lift trucks, general operating procedures, load handling, operational maintenance, workplace safety, and examination aspects of being a forklift operator.
• You will also learn how to safely load a forklift and how an overloaded forklift truck can be extremely dangerous.

For refresher or re-certification course- This course will be more focused around increasing your knowledge on the latest regulations and legislation. You will be assessed for practical skills, further evaluating to ensure that you have brushed off any past mistakes. Apart from this, re-training is also required when these events occur:
• Accidents
• A forklift is used in an unsafe way by the operator
• New hazards with the change in the workplace
• Upgrading to a new model

Duration of a forklift training course:

This like the above, too depends upon the kind, of course, you’ll be needing. For a new operator, you can expect to spend five working days at the training center, as you need to learn from the beginning there are a lot of topics to be covered before you can be certified. However, refresher course, where you have previous skills of operating heavy machinery, takes around three working days.
Here at CN Lift Safety, the best institute for Forklift Training in Mississauga, we offer the beginner and refresher courses for the operators at an affordable rate, so that you can drive a forklift truck without any mishaps.

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