If there’s one thing every business does, it’s cost optimization. A little trimming here, a little pruning there, till the ideal balance is achieved. But there are certain things that should be kept out of this cost-cutting policy. Forklift Refresher Training is one such necessity that often gets overlooked and a company often pays dearly for this negligence.
CN Lift Safety advocates a special emphasis on periodical renewal of forklift license, as recommended by OHSA. There are many factors that make it an absolute necessity. Here we tell you why forklift refresher training and certification are important.

Because OHSA says so

There’s no arguing with workplace safety rules and regulations that are outlined under OHSA. Forklift refresher training is one of these rules that pertain to operator safety at the workplace. OHSA recommends receiving forklift refresher certification every 3 years and a penalty is charged in case of non-compliance.

To make all forklift operators equally competent
In a workplace, not all forklift operators work equal hours on their forklifts. Some operate more, some less. In that case, their practical experience of forklift differs from one another. Therefore, to think that basic forklift training is more than enough is not a good practice. Refresher training is, therefore, a must for all forklift operators, whether they spend five days a week on a forklift or just two days.

Workplace safety is above all

A skilled workforce is an important factor in lowering workplace accidents and injuries. Forklifts, however small, if mishandled can lead to fatal accidents or grave injuries to operators and pedestrians. To safeguard the workplace, forklift refresher training is important. When one goes through the precautions, the dos, and the don’ts frequently, he/she is less likely to forget the safety measures.

Increased Productivity
Increased workplace safety plays an important role in increasing the overall productivity of the enterprise. Also, when operator skills are upgraded on a regular basis, a skillful workforce is obtained. All these factors combine to boost the productivity of a company. When newer and better models of forklift are introduced, operators have to be ready to adapt to the change and embrace the new knowledge.
The bottom line here is that companies should include refresher forklift training in their mandatory policies and should comply with this norm. CN Lift Safety offers onsite forklift training programs in Mississauga that also include refresher training as well.

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