In the recent past, the government has observed thousands of citations that failed to meet fall protection training standards. It has also reported many deaths and serious injuries at the workplace. It is still the second leading cause of unintentional deaths in Canada. This situation has made employers(especially in the construction industry) check if their staff has gone under proper fall protection training. 

Fall protection training provides the measures to prevent falls that can cause severe injuries and death. Along with this, it also provides measures that can help you predict workplace safety risks. We are the prominent forklift training providers who will help you assess as well as prevent associated risks at your workplace.

Who should take fall protection training

Every personnel(supervisor, managers, technicians, workers) indulged in the construction industry must take Forklift Training in Mississauga for fall protection rescue. This training is required to reduce the fatality and injury rate among workers in Canada. Non-construction places hold different training standards as per OSHA regulations. 

There are basically three approaches to fall protection rescue.

  1. Self Rescue: In this, you learn the strategies to rescue yourself.
  1. Partner Rescue: Partner Rescue belongs to the strategies used by you to protect your co-worker. It includes bringing a ladder to help him climb from the fall. Additionally, using a reach pol for the partner rescue.
  1. Partner Rescue with Rappeling PickoffIn this rescue, you reach your partner for the rescue. We use rappelling pick-off for the partner rescue program.

Benefits of fall protection Training

  1. Training reduces the risks of Aerial Lift Accidents

A fall might take place due to an imbalanced surface at height, if the weather conditions are harsh, or if you exceed the load capacity. This can lead to major accidents, severe injuries, and even death. However, proper fall protection training and certification help you learn aerial lift practices. With the proper training, you can recognize potential hazards in advance and be able to successfully prevent them.

  1. Training ensures a safe and productive work environment

Proper training and certification help you gain the pre-requisite experience for a fall protection position. You will feel confident and safe within. Fall Protection training and certification will help you gain the desired skills. These skills will make your environment more productive as they will speed up your work efficiency. Because fewer mishappenings themselves means less downtime and more work.

  1. Training complies with OSHA

We provide Fall Protection Certification in Mississauga in compliance with OSHA regulations. Every business hiring untrained aerial lift staff is subjected to OSHA penalties now or later. 

Fall Protection training is further categorized into four types:

  1. Authorized-User Training

This training helps you understand how to comply with OSHA standards. And it is greatly helpful in day-to-day job activities.

  1. Awareness Training

It will provide you all the information you need to know about the hazards. It is like basic training to understand risk containing fall hazards.

  1. Competent Person Training

This training is for the supervisor level. If you have undergone this training, it means you have covered basic as well as the advanced level of fall protection practices. You know the appropriate measured to prevent those falls from happening.

  1. Qualified Person Training

It is the highest level of fall protection training. This training is geared for higher-level professionals who address critical issues at the premises. Qualified person training makes them handle core roles and responsibilities such as equipment handling on a higher level or what essential measures are required for fall protection operations in the industry.

Thus, fall protection training provides hazard recognition as well as hazard elimination techniques. We are here to provide you the safe and efficient training under the true guidance of our professionals. Get trained because safety comes first. To know more, get connected.

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