WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Information System was designed to ensure the protection and safety of Canadian workers. After all, almost all workers have to deal with some of the other kinds of hazardous chemicals in their workplace. This is especially true in those industries which deal with dangerous chemicals regularly.

 As such, it makes sense for those workers who have to deal with those chemicals regularly to get certified in WHMIS. But nowadays a question has arisen related to this- do security professionals also need to be certified in WHMIS training? We will explore this question in detail, but first, it’s important to know about WHMIS in detail.

What Does WHMIS Mean?

WHMIS or Workplace Hazardous Information System is described by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety as a comprehensive chemical plan. It provides complete information on the secure use of various hazardous chemicals and materials used in a variety of Canadian workplaces.

Know that WHMIS training in Toronto, Canada is imparted to protect workers from the various hazardous materials that are present in almost all workplaces. As such, it’s almost a necessity for all kinds of Canadian workers to get certified in WHMIS. After all, nowadays all workplaces have some kind or the other sort of dangerous materials.

So, this training needs to be provided to all workers who are in contact with hazardous chemicals and those who are likely to get affected by them.

This information is given out through product identification, classification, and labeling. Along with this, SDSs (Safety Data Sheets) are also used for imparting worker training.

 Do Security Professionals Also Need To Have This Certification?

Many have wondered if security professionals even need WHMIS certification. After all, the most common point against security professionals getting this certification is that they don’t deal with such chemicals, so there is no need for them to get this training.

However, the counterpoint against it is that one can never be too careful. After all, there could be an emergency where a security guard might have to intervene in a situation involving dangerous chemicals.

 It seemed that the Ministry of the Solicitor General agreed with this viewpoint. They said that even though security guards don’t directly work with dangerous materials, they should still be fully familiar with WHMIS or at least the symbols. It was also mentioned that it will add to their training since they will get to know the proper way to respond and react to dangerous situations.

 Now, the basic guard training does familiarize candidates with the fundamentals of WHIMS, but even then certification is suggested to improve chances of safety and security. After all, it ensures that no missteps are taken by the guard in an emergency.

 Also, the 2015 update of WHMIS saw the system getting oriented with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals, and Worldwide Hazard Communication System. So, this means that the system got updated with the following:

●       New classes were included

●       The standardized language was incorporated

●       Standardized safety data sheets formats were brought in

●       The hazard classification got more comprehensive

As such, the need for all workers including security professionals to know about WHMIS increased significantly. But there is another factor that has enhanced the need for security professionals to know about WHMIS in detail. This factor is COVID-19.

After all, in the COVID world, stronger chemicals are getting used for sanitizing workplace environments. As such, the chances of getting exposed to stronger chemicals are increasing too.

So if you are working as a security guard, then you might be called upon to handle or deal with hazardous chemicals. But to handle that situation you will need to have complete knowledge of chemicals.

Note that having this certification will not just make security guards more competent at handling situations involving dangerous chemicals. In fact, it will make guards more employable as well. So apart from practical reasons, there are financial advantages of getting WHMIS certified as well. 

Where Can Security Guards Get Trained in WHMIS?

 There are multiple locations where guards can get trained in WHMIS. For example, WHMIS training can be imparted in any security guard training facility. However, no matter the location/site you choose, ensure that they provide high-quality and comprehensive WHMIS training.

 But everyone can’t go to a physical location to get training. For them, the online WHMIS is training Calgary courses where they can get certified. Of course, Calgary isn’t the only place that provides online certification. There are plenty of other places which provide similar certification options as well.

 What Is the Cost Of WHMIS Training For Security Guards?

 Know that the WHMIS online training courses, like the WHMIS training in Ontario ones, won’t cost you much. But you will still need to be ready with a budget of about $50 to $150 for even online Forklift Training Courses. Keep in mind that the cost will fluctuate in regards to the kind of WHMIS course you have chosen and which site you have chosen it from.

 However, note that if you want to receive this training in-location and from a physical institute, then the cost will be way higher. Also, keep in mind that the cost will vary depending on whether your course is self-guided or if you are assisted by a teacher.

 How Much Time Is Needed To Complete A WHMIS Course For Security Professionals?

 Just like the cost of the training depends on the institution you are getting it from, similarly, the time needed to complete the course also varies with it. So some courses can be completed in 2 to 5 hours, but others need a week or so to get completed. As such, you need to choose carefully where you want to get the certification from.

 In this COVID-era, it’s almost a necessity for every security professional to get WHMIS trained. After all, having this certification will make them better equipped to deal with hazardous chemicals. Also along with this, the certification will make security professionals more eligible for employment. As such, there are no downsides to getting the WHMIS certification.

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