Forklift Training is imperative if you want to work as a Forklift Operator Training in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto. You need forklift training and certification from a reputed institute.

It doesn’t just end here. You also need to get your license renewed every 3 years through a refresher forklift training course. Why go through all this trouble you ask?
Like any other workplace, safety is a crucial aspect of the logistics and warehouse industry.

The chances of mishaps and accidents increase manifold in the above-mentioned sectors as heavy machinery as well as heavy cargo is involved. In that scenario, safety training has been made an important part of the forklift training curriculum. CN Lift Safety, the pioneers of forklift training in Mississauga, enlist the ways you can assure workplace safety while going through your training.

Know your equipment
It’s a cardinal rule to go through pre-operation inspection before mounting your forklift. But before you check the brakes or the indicators, it’s advised that you go through the data plate and manufacturer’s guide that comes with that particular model. Knowing your equipment is the first step towards ensuring safety. You must know the load capacity, the braking and lifting systems, and any upgrades that have been made since purchase.

3-Point Contact Rule
Another cardinal rule to follow while training as well as at the workplace is the 3 point contact rule. It says that a person must have at least 3 points of contact with the vehicle at all times. The three points act as a tripod to balance and distribute bodyweight equally. That way falls due to imbalance reduce dramatically.

There are many ways to ensure a three points contact such as:
Make sure either your feet and one hand or one foot and hands are in contact with the vehicle and ground while mounting or dismounting.
Do not mount or dismount from a moving vehicle. Avoid jumping off from a moving vehicle even if it’s coming to a halt.
Don’t wear ill-fitted clothes. You must follow the workplace dress code at all times.

CN Lift Safety takes care of safety guidelines while providing Best Forklift Training in Brampton, Mississauga, and Toronto. Participants are specifically trained to inspect the equipment properly and on 3 point contact rule. After all, workplace safety is the key to heightened productivity.

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